Index of Procedures

This is an alphabetical list of all the procedures defined in Lisp in Small Parts, with a link to their explanation.

Common Lisp procedures

Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started


Testing a Result

Testing a Result

Testing a Result

and Testing a Result

append Manipulating Lists

concatenate Strings

cons Manipulating Lists

defparameter Variables

defun Defining Procedures

dolist Processing Items in a List

eq Testing a Result

eval Expressions

evenp Testing a Result

first Manipulating Lists

format Printing

funcall Generalising Procedures

if Testing a Result

length Manipulating ListsStrings

let* Variables

list Lists

listp Testing a Result

not Testing a Result

nth Manipulating Lists

null Testing a Result

numberp Testing a Result

oddp Testing a Result

or Testing a Result

print Printing

progn Testing a Result

quote Expressions

random Getting Started

rest Manipulating Lists

reverse Manipulating ListsStrings

second Manipulating Lists

setf Variables

string= Testing a Result

User-interface procedures (LispWorks CAPI)

display-message Creating Dialogue Boxes

prompt-for-confirmation Creating Dialogue Boxes

prompt-for-items-from-list Creating Dialogue Boxes

prompt-for-number Creating Dialogue Boxes

prompt-for-string Creating Dialogue Boxes

prompt-with-list Creating Dialogue Boxes

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